PowerBlock - Worlds Best Dumbell!

Powerblocks are my favorite piece of equipment. PowerBlock is the only dumbbell system that can expand to meet your strength needs.

PowerBlocks are actually dumbbells all on one stand. The set I personally use ranges from 10 to 45 pounds. The PowerBlocks use a pin selector to change weights. You can
switch to a different weight quickly and it is easy to use them.

Since the PowerBlocks are on one stand they also only take up a little bit of space. You can purchase PowerBlocks in a lighter personal set and sizes up to 85 and 125 pounds as well.

East Wind Business Complex

I Highly Recommend East Wind Business Complex as a commercial rental space for a small business.

I have been renting my massage therapy office from East Wind Business Complex since 2000. My office is perfect in size for me and I have a month to month lease with no security deposit.

The rent is extremely affordable and I love the location by East State Street and Mulford Road. It is a great location in Rockford, Illinois.

My clients from Wisconsin and the Chicago Suburbs have said that it is easy for them to find me at this location as well.

So if you are looking for space from 320 square feet to 625 square feet, give the owners of East Wind Business Complex a call today, I highly recommend it!

For all Inquiries, Please Contact:
Tammy Richards
Monday Thru Friday 8am – 5pm
815-399-7687 (Office)
815-399-2559 (Fax)
Email: Tammy@EastWindComplex.com


Body Dynamics

Where do I workout and what equipment do I personally use?

I bought my fitness equipment from Body Dynamics. I purchased my weight bench, ab bench, weight plates, dumbbells, and powerblocks all from Body Dynamics.

Body Dynamics has the best fitness equipment to build your own personal workout room. I love the quality and design of their fitness equipment. All of the fitness equipment I purchased from them I have been using for years to stay strong as a Neuromuscular therapist and as an avid bicyclist.

I highly recommend checking out Body Dynamics if you are interested in purchasing fitness equipment to use in your home. Body Dynamics is located in Illinois. Their three locations are in Loves Park/Rockford, Bloomington and Davenport. You can also order from them online.