I have heard that the type of work you do can be very painful, is that true?

I ask my clients when they walk in my door, “Would you like to be miserable for the time I treat you on the table, or would you like to keep your pain and be miserable when you leave”?

Most of my clients choose to work with the pain and begin the healing process. If you have had an injury, there my be scar tissue that needs to be broken up. The technique I do for that is called deep transverse friction, or DTF for short.

By applying DTF to an area you can release the scar tissue which will lengthen the tissue it is in, this will increase blood flow to the area and lengthen the surrounding tissue and reduce pain.

The best way to deal with the pain when the work is being applied is by BREATHING VERY DEEP!

So will it hurt? It depends on a lot of factors like how old you are, when did the injury occur, have you ever had massage or other types of bodywork before? The best news is that the more you work with with it, usually the LESS IT HURTS! I even have some clients fall asleep on the table when I am working on them. Just remember that “ALL HEALING TAKES TIME!” So be kind and patient with yourself, it will get better. I would not have clients refer in their spouse, parents, children, and friends if they did not trust, appreciate, and respect what I can do for them.

What makes you qualified to work with an athlete?

I try to practice what I preach, so I did not ride my bike 253 miles in 24 hours without proper training and care. I LOVE to be outside whether it is on a road bike, mountain bike, or walking.

I made a commitment to myself to be healthy and happy for myself and to be a role model for my clients. I train year round so I usually get a massage and go to my chiropractor at least once a week. I used to run cross county at East high school. My passion now is cranking out miles on my bicycles and weight lifting. My own commitment to being an athlete as well as all the football players, basketball players, tennis players, runners, bikers, bodybuilders, kayakers, I know I am missing some.

This is just a small sample of some of the various sports I have been involved with and types of athletes and can treat.

As an athlete, how often should I come in?

It would matter more if you are doing it for prevention of an injury, or to help you recover from one. If you are coming in for prevention, or a maintenance program you could come once a week to once a month. You would let me know how it is helping your training and results.

If you are coming to be treated for an injury, then I might have you come in once or even twice a week until you feel more stable. Just remember “ALL HEALING TAKES TIME!” So if you enjoy running around the block, or you are training for that next marathon, there is good chance I can make a difference in your comfort and performance.

Will your type of bodywork help me if I am already seeing a chiropracter?

Yes! Bones and muscles are parts of your body that work great together. When your muscles are very tight it may be difficult to get a good adjustment at your chiropractors. I can get the soft tissue soft and pliable again. Your adjustments will move easier and they will last longer after you have had bodywork done on you. I personally feel my best when I get a massage and an adjustment from my chiropractor every week. Do you work with any athletes?

I work with all types of athletes from various levels of sports. I have worked with high school athletes to international tennis players at the Clock Tower Resort for the “Challenger Series”. If you want to improve your game I can help.

It does not matter if you are a “weekend warrior” or a world class athlete, I have the the skills and knowledge to help you. I can help you recover faster from an injury or help prevent you from having one.

At what age can a person benefit from massage therapy and other forms of bodywork?

I have worked on children as young as 5 years of age and others that are in their 80′s. I have one client who is in his late 70′s who gets a massage just because “It feels so good”. He has been one of my regular weekly clients since I started in 1996. There are no real limits on age. You may want to consult with your doctor if you have concerns before getting any type of massage therapy or bodywork.

How often should I receive a message or a neuromuscular therapy treatment?

Bob Hope had a massage everyday and attributed a lot of his good health to receiving regular massage therapy.   Not everyone can afford to go to a massage therapist daily. I have some clients who come for treatment one or more times per week. While others choose to come in once every two weeks or once a month.

The more often you come in the better you will feel. Just like regular exercise or eating healthy, the more consistent you are, the better you are going to feel.

I prefer to get a massage or other type of bodywork once a week. When I have not had a massage for a couple of weeks my body usually begins to remind me that it is time to make that call and get in for another appointment.

Can you help me with headaches or back pain?

Yes! I specialize in acute and chronic pain. Tight muscles, tendons, and fascia can cause a lot of problems and pain. Trigger points cause many headaches. Trigger points refer to pain areas that are away from the point of origin. I am trained how to recognize the patters of trigger points and either reduce or eliminate the pain and discomfort that they can cause.

I have treated hundreds of clients since 1996. I have many clients drive in from Wisconsin and all over the Chicago area to get a treatment from me (I am located in Rockford, IL). I graduated from one of the best schools in the United States that taught how to do neuromuscular therapy, which is the treatment of trigger points.

Can you still treat me if I was in an auto accident years ago?

If you had an auto accident years ago, you may still be experiencing pain or problems from the accident today. I can help with old injuries. It just takes more time to heal from an older injury. Feel free to call me anytime to discuss your situation and to work out a treatment plan that works for you.